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Check out our store. We stock the widest array of wolf calls online. We have wolf howlers, coyote howlers, rabbit distress calls, elk calls and more. From the northern slopes of Alaska, to the southern deserts of Idaho, we carry a wolf call that wolves will come running for no matter where your hunt takes you.

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Learn what it takes to be successful hunting wolves. Get the best wolf hunting tips & tactics from top wolf hunters. Learn what rifles will take down wolves, what essential gear you need for a wolf hunt, how to pick a wolf hunting stand, and how to howl and call in wolves with a variety of calls.

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Wolves are among the most, if not the most difficult game species to hunt. When you have limited time and resources, nothing can help gaurantee a successful wolf season like having an expert wolf hunting guide by your side. Find a proven wolf hunting outfitter in U.S or Canada, book a hunt, and make sure you get the best experience for your money.

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Hunting wolves is extremely controversial, and keeping track of the constantly changing laws and regulations for hunting wolves from state to state, year to year can make your head spin. One minute wolves are shoot on sight, the next they're an endangered species. Stay up to date and make sure you take that hide home instead of paying a big fine.

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