Calling in Wolves with Wolf Howlers

It is no secret that wolves primarily communicate by howling and if you’re serious about hunting wolves, then you should have a wolf howler and you should know how to use it.  A wolf howler is an invaluable tool that, when used correctly, greatly increases the odds of locating and calling in wolves.

How to use a wolf howler

If you’ve used a coyote howler, it may be easy to assume a wolf howler should be blown much the same way-



When  to  use a wolf howler to call in wolves




Recommended Wolf Howlers for Calling Wolves

There are only a few places that make wolf howlers and even fewer places that make good wolf howlers. Many of the howlers you will run across when searching online are “Horn Howlers”. There are a few hobbyists making wolf howlers out of cow or buffalo horns, but these are not optimal for calling wolves. While they might look attractive, they are heavy and relatively expensive (some are as much as $120). Even more troublesome is the fact they are basically just big, glorified coyote howlers.  Wolves aren’t just big coyotes, they have very different howls. Wolf howls are much deeper and have distinct inflections that cannot be realistically duplicated with horn howlers.


The only wolf howler we’ve successfully used to call in wolves is the Alpha Howler made by Bugling Bull Game Calls. This call was designed from the ground up to be a wolf howler, not an oversized coyote howler. It has an adjustable tone selector to change the volume and tone of the howl, and it does a great job of producing that eerie inflection of a true wolf howl. It’s also very easy to blow and because it’s made of plastic is much lighter than horn or wood howlers.