Wolf Season Opens Statewide in Idaho

Thursday, August 30th officially marks the beginning of wolf season in Idaho. Resident tags are available for $11.50 and nonresident tags are available for $31.75. Hunters can purchase 5 tags per calendar year, however, only a few zones with no harvest limits allow hunters to take all five in that area.

Hunters in the following areas are allowed 5 tags per calendar year: Panhandle, Lolo, Palouse-Hells Canyon, Dworshak-Elk City, Selway, and Middlefork. There is also no overall harvest limits in these zones. In all other zones hunters may use only 2 tags.

Five zones have set harvest limits for the 2012-2013 season; 40 in the Salmon Zone, 60 in the Sawtooth Zone, 40 in the Southern Mountains, 10 in the Beaverhead, and 30 in the Island Park Zone.

For more information visit the Idaho Fish and Game