Wolves Officially Listed as a Predator in Wyoming

The gray wolf, soon to be off the endangered species list in Wyoming, will have a new official title in 86 percent of the state: predator. That means anyone may shoot a wolf on sight, no permit required.”

Wyoming Governor Matt Mead signed a new wolf management plan into law last month. With the signing of this new law, Wyoming has officially delisted the wolf from the endangered species act. Wolves are also being classified as a predator, meaning shooting on sight is allowed and no permit will be required. Wyoming will be required to maintain 10 breeding pairs outside of the Yellowstone area. Wolves living inside Yellowstone will be protected from October 15th through March 1st to ensure they may breed with wolves from neighboring states, in the hopes of reducing inbreeding. It is not yet clear if hunters will be allowed to hunt in this area.

The Wyoming Fish and Game Department will broadcast via the internet public wolf regulation meetings this month.

The meeting schedule is as follows:

April 9 - Pinedale, 7:00 pm April 10 - Jackson, 7:00 pm April 11 - Lander, 6:00 pm

The WGFD will also host an internet-only "webinar" on the draft wolf regulations on April 12 from 10:00am to 1:00pm at http://bit.ly/wolvesonline.

Please visit Wyoming Fish and Game website for more information on the public forums.

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